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About Me 

Passionate small business owner and entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience in building successful small businesses while mentoring new business owners and creating a space where gifts are discovered and opportunity is created.

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Working hand in hand with clients to bring ideas to fruition through goal setting, planning and initiating steps to build businesses. Bringing ideas to life through creative planning. Providing research and guidance on city, county and state regulations and laws. Providing research and information on business license, health department requirements, fees, etc. Creating an easy and organized plan of action to launch. Creating and provide marketing and advertising plans. Acting as a liaison and support system through entire business building process.


To create a relationship with entrepreneurs that supports and encourages their creative ideas and provides guidance on how to turn those ideas into a business plan. Connecting city, chamber and other economic development efforts with the creatives of the community to build, grow and foster successful, lucrative new businesses. To create a supportive space where dreams become reality and ideas are celebrated and launched into attainable actionable steps leading to success.

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  • Created and manage multiple brick and mortar businesses that thrive and support small downtown development.

  • Created multiple online businesses that continue to bring in passive income while partnering with global direct trade efforts

  • Consulted multiple clients with brick and mortar and online businesses

  • Created multiple opportunities for growth in established businesses

  • Created The Glow Program, an online personal development program that assists in discovery of gifts leading to a clear vision of business and passion projects

  • Panel expert at the 2020 SEA ( Self Employment In The Arts) Conference at Columbia College

  • Panel expert at the 2021 Virtual SEA ( Self Employment In The Arts) Conference

  • 2018 Keynote Speaker at The Power Of Her Professional Development Event in Wooster Ohio.

  • Speaker invite for the 2022 SEA

  • (Self Employment In The Arts) Conference. Panel Expert invite for the following topics: Building Connections, Marketing Strategies and Financing Your Creative Pursuits

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