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Meet Jonelle

Jonelle Marie Carter is a versatile artist recognized for her talents as a singer-songwriter, speaker, author, business owner, and personal and professional development coach.

With a wealth of experience that includes over 3,000 stage appearances, numerous publications, and twenty-eight years behind the chair as a hair stylist and makeup artist, Jonelle has established multiple thriving businesses with an exceptional staff retention rate of 99%.

Jonelle firmly believes that each person possesses a unique purpose, and her passion lies in guiding individuals towards uncovering their true potential and embracing their authentic selves.


Through GLOW, Jonelle provides personalized personal and professional coaching to help you gain a clear understanding of your purpose and goals helping individuals stay focused and accountable, while motivating them to take action towards achieving their vision. Collaborate with GLOW to unlock your potential!


"In 2011, after losing my voice to a rare type of cancer and miraculously regaining it back a year later, I finally discovered how to show up exactly where I am supposed to be. I quit my full-time job and opened up my first business, building a team of women who created a safe space for women to be celebrated. Six years later I opened up my second business focusing on holistic wellness. By shifting my mindset, I have been able to use my passion to launch my career forward and have been able to live a life of abundance in all forms.


When we live our day to day lives ignoring the call deep in our souls we end up with physical, mental and spiritual turmoil. By discovering our purpose and walking a clear path towards using that purpose, the mind, body and spirit align and opportunity that we have never thought possible opens up.​​

I am passionate about guiding others to opportunity because I have been on the other side just like you. I have had the sleepless nights of not knowing what I am supposed to do. I have been the person questioning myself about the path I was on and not sure where to turn or who to turn to. 

I am excited to be a part of your discovery and already know that you are going to do great things. Thank you for trusting me with this journey. Remember, the only way we fail is if we don’t start"


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