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Come On In The Water Is Great

This was literally the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I write songs and blogs and thank you cards but not books. That is waaaayyy too personal and revealing and I live in a small town....sounds like the perfect setup for judgy Mcjudgersons to...well...judge. But God whispered in my ear and my heart did a little flip flop and I knew.

My hope is that people will want to read this book and not hate it. I’m keeping things simple on the goal board for now. Where it will go from there is TBD. I’m just hoping to give it little legs that will someday grow into bigger legs and eventually take off running...but for now...little legs. One thing at a time.

So this is my “do it” post.

Write the book. Make the phone call. Send the message. Ask for the opportunity. Make the appointment. Pray the prayer. Dream the dream. Envision the result.

Is it going to feel uncomfortable? Probably. Is it necessary for growth? You betcha. Will it lead you to your best life? I’m so sure of it that I was willing to put my self completely out there in case my story and my words could change just one life.

Let’s go....jump in with far the water is nice.

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