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Give Me Some Space

I don’t know about you but I’ve had to reinvent ways to find some alone time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love this time spent together, but finding some space is a crucial part of handling these new times.

One day last week we all landed in different rooms of our house and didn’t really talk for 4 hours. It felt good to be alone with my thoughts and ideas & I know how much the other members of our family enjoyed it too.

It can go both ways too- if you are an essential worker and spend stressful days working during this pandemic (thank you by the way) it’s important for you to be able to decompress and many times having the space to do so is ultra important.

If you are home and trying to manage your workload, kids school work or just a whole new set of rules, it’s equally as important to have that “you” time.

Now maybe you can’t decompress when you walk through the door from work because you have to step into “parent or spouse”mode and cook dinner...maybe you have 3 year old twins and they poke their little fingers under the door when you lock yourself in the bathroom for 3 min a day. Not everyone has the luxury of finding space easily- but let’s get creative and find ways to do that.

Drop some ideas below ⬇️

Let’s help each other stay mentally healthy during these difficult times!

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