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I’m A Little Queasy...

I was talking to my rockstar friend the other day (tune in to our next Podcast at No Stage Lights when we chat about all of the crazy ways the universe has led us to amazing people to find out how our story goes won’t want to miss it) She was telling me that she is “so nervous she could puke” while chatting about the upcoming release of her brand new book “Beckie’s Best Kept Secret” ( won’t want to miss this book release either!) and I quickly replied, between bites of avocado toast...

”If it doesn’t make you want to puke then it’s probably not worth it”


Did I just quote myself and actually move myself with it?

Well that was weird.....

But if it’s true (and it is) then let it be known!

The stuff that dreams are made of? That stuff is wracked with nerve tingling fear, second guessing like it’s your job, sleepless nights, shallow breathing followed by deep reassurance breaths and occasional shaking in your bones.

So...why? If wrangling this big ass dream of yours is going to make you subscribe to the Pepcid membership delivery option...why do you want to pursue it? Why put yourself through that?

Two words:


Why you are here. Why you were born. Why you are happiest when you’re doing your thing. Why we all need your gifts. Why we can’t live without them.

The reason your going to endure so much and so many hills on this journey is because your WHY is going to bring you more unconditional happiness than you can ever ever imagine.

If your WHY is “Leading others by example and telling your story so that they can tell theirs”... then telling your story is going to be critical....and chances are that will be hard & make you want to puke....but when that first person comes to you and says “You make me want to tell my story”....well, then the puking will have been worth it

Side note- My apologies to my Mother who hates talking about bodily functions in any realm. It was necessary for this conversation. I couldn’t find a classier way. I owe you one.

Do you see what I am saying?

If it’s worth it...chances are it’s going to kick your ass and take your name before releasing you into the world of “Ohhhhh...I see now”

So be ready. Don’t expect this dream chasing to be all cherries and fluff. It’s

hard, hard work...but you’ve got it. You’ve 100% got it!!!


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