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In 5,4,3,2.....

I love this picture. I don’t love selfies -but I love this one. I had been trying to heal from an old wound for years and they say the best way to do that is to face your pain. A few years ago, in the most poetic way, music took me and my broken heart directly to the center of the place that scared me the most. God put the perfect people next to me- one with compassion, understanding and unwavering love - the other with the power only a girlfriend can give, strength and a cold beer in her hand for my liquid courage. It seems silly to some but this trip was monumental for me. I was shaking to my core when the camera man counted down on Good Morning Tulsa “ in 5, 4, 3, 2.....” and there I front of the world in a city I have hid from for years. Terrified but a little glimmer of strength was sparked in that moment. I thought it would crush me to be there... to be so close and not get to see the best friend who I loved and adored for so many years with so many unanswered questions and at times it felt like it did crush me but as with anything that is broken it also built me back up and made me wiser, stronger and more understanding. This pic has been hanging out in my phone since then and I look at it once in a while & remember that I have overcome a lot over the years. I am thankful for that today and if it can inspire strength in someone then use it. I am a writer and I want people to heal through

my songs and stories.... so if you are avoiding something, someone or a situation just close your eyes ... count down “ 5...4...3...2... and 1” and jump, buy the hat and take the selfie. You can do it. I promise! To hear more about why Tulsa can bring me to my knees check out my book “More Than A Country Song” available here-

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