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It's not's you

A few months ago we talked about the whole “it’s not about you” thing. Guess what...It’s still not you. It has nothing to do with you. Honestly, don’t flatter yourself (said with all of the love I can show via social media) are not the #1 thing on their mind. You are not their focus.

Today my girl @alliedarr with @alwaysenoughshop posted something about it too and it reminded me that I talk about this very subject in my new book “More Than A Country Song” and how I found the #1 way to change your way of thinking to make 𝓗𝓾𝓰𝓮 changes in your life for good!

Can’t wait to start talking about the book in more detail (just as soon as we can start pre-orders) but in the meantime check out Allie’s links above and order one of her shirts from her Apparel line because the message “Always enough” can’t be shouted loud enough 🗣

Stay warm friends!

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