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More Than A Country Song

Today I want to ***officially*** announce that my book. ๐‘€๐‘œ๐“‡๐‘’ ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“ƒ ๐’ถ ๐’ธ๐‘œ๐“Š๐“ƒ๐“‰๐“‡๐“Ž ๐“ˆ๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐‘” will be published soon ๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ‘ This has been a cathartic process and Iโ€™ve learned a TON about myself and healed some big gaping wounds along the way but itโ€™s also been terrifying. Why?

Because I put it all out there. When I write songs I can hide in the music and use a story line to say what I mean without actually saying it ..but this....this is different. Iโ€™ve tried to announce it three times now and chickened out. THREE!!

But you can I scream โ€œ๐“ซ๐“ฎ ๐“พ๐“ท๐“ช๐“น๐“ธ๐“ต๐“ธ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ๐“ฝ๐“ฒ๐“ฌ๐“ช๐“ต๐“ต๐”‚ ๐”‚๐“ธ๐“พ๐“ป๐“ผ๐“ฎ๐“ต๐“ฏโ€

to YOU while I am too afraid myself?

So here it first book. My hope for this book is that it gives the reader exactly that - ๐ป๐‘œ๐“…๐‘’. That through my stories and experience and lessons someone finds their strength & purpose.

Iโ€™m learning to live my authentic purpose...will you join me in living yours?

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