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Pandemic Thoughts

I woke up thinking about the last few months of the global pandemic. I did a mental check list of all of the way things have changed for us and so many others in just a few days. Instead of letting that trigger anxiety or make me sad, I made up a list of things that I’ve learned so far and I would 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 to hear what you have learned too.

Here’s my list so far. I’m sure I’ll be adding to it daily!

1. I’ve learned how to broadcast a LIVE show from multiple devices.

2. I’ve learned how to use VENMO (Um...where have I been??)

3. I’ve learned how to use a snake to unclog a drain

4. I’ve learned about plumbing and I’m strangely intrigued

5. I’ve learned how to make eggless pasta

6. I’ve learned how good people actually are. We have been touched by kind, generous friends and strangers daily.

7. I’ve learned that I’m a little more of an introvert than I thought

8. I’ve learned that I’m calm in the morning and anxious at night

9. I’ve learned that my daughter is far more creative than I will ever be

10. I’ve learned that, in my opinion, the men in my life seem to have more underlying anxiety about this than most of the women in my life.

11. I’ve learned that being separated has brought more togetherness than ever before.

Tell me what you have learned so far!

Praying for and sending good vibes to all of you. Stay well & stay home if you can 💕

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