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Paying Your Dues

My favorite thing to do is remind people that we are all 𝒽𝓊𝓂𝒶𝓃. Listen to me right now- no one who is successful got to where they are by taking easy street. There is no such thing as an overnight success. The entertainment world wants you to think that..the network marketing world wants you to think that...sometimes even your friends want you to think that but let me tell you from plenty of experience- hard work and paying your dues is how you are going to make sustainable success and’s the hard way.. but it’s also the right way.

Four years ago today we played in Nebraska at the State Fair. This was a huge trip for us but while we were on stage a tornado warning was issued and this is what our crowd looked like. We made sure to take pics that didn’t show the empty chairs so that we could “smoke and mirror” it up a bit and that worked until a local news reporter posted the picture below. It reminded me that our world- the world of entertainment is ALL smoke and mirrors and I’m not sure if I love that because it makes success feel unattainable for others and homey don’t play that...

So over the next few days I want to show you in a series of posts of how we’ve paid our dues (and continue to) over the years -simply so you can see that success doesn’t mean everything is means you keep singing through the tornado warning to an empty stadium.

If I’m not lifting someone up then we’re both being pulled down. Don’t let the idea that you aren’t successful enough get in your way of putting the work in. In fact, hand me a hammer and let me help you build whatever you are building.

It takes hard work, disappointment, sweat and tears and a ton of dues folks but when you’re doing what you love then it’s all just a deposit on your passion.


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