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Shake It Up

Even the oat milk settles once in a while

We all do at some point, for some length of time. Some of us forever, some of us for a little while. It’s only natural! We get used to certain things and even if those things no longer serve we just sort of....settle.

I wish I could yell this (in the kindest way possible) IF YOU DON’T LOVE YOUR LIFE YOU CAN CHANGE IT.

We have to shake it up once in a while. We have to shake well. Mix it up, get out from underneath the things that are heavy and start rising to the top. We might shake up a whole lotta might feel chaotic but sometimes it’s crucial.

Last night in a very raw, honest and deep conversation with a friend, he revealed the moment when he realized that it was possible to change some things to live the life he loves. He had to shake a TON of things up but when he landed he found himself living a life that he’s in love with and has excelled into a master at his craft. Had he just stayed “settled” we would never have been gifted the person who he was always meant to become.

Later, after that convo, I was making overnight oats and saw this message in my refrigerator (God speaks to us in so many ways if we are open to listening) and I just knew that I was supposed to share the message from oat milk bottle of life 🙌

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But are we supposed to shake things up? In the middle of a pandemic? When we have to be at work until 6 and dinner and family and spouses and maybe illness and travel sports and a few extra COVID pounds? How????

Here is the secret 🤫

Pick one thing. It can be tiny.

It can mean you are going to paint your toenails bright red while your kids nap. It can mean you update your LinkedIn. It can mean you tear up your resume and start a new one showing all of the experience you have in custom bowling ball designing instead of how many words per minute you can type. You can set your alarm for one hour earlier and sip hot tea while reading a list of positive affirmations. It can mean you finally decide to break the cycle. It means you are no longer settling.

The most important take away here is that one little tiny thing can lead to massively huge shifts and changes. Painting your toenails one day, signing the papers on your brick and mortar store front 3 months later. Allow yourself to be shaken. Allow yourself to live the life you love and if you have settled- shake it up. Start today.

I love you all-

I have faith in every single one of you too. I hope you can see what I see when I look at you. Get shaking my loves!!


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