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We Need You

Picture this.....

You have a very important appointment with a hearing specialist who can ultimately help you to hear again. You are SO excited that the day is finally here.....but that specialist is human, just like everyone else and has been second guessing their talents, gifts & choices for a while now. They decide to call in today as life starts swallowing them whole. Your appointment is canceled and your heart is broken. You’ve waited for months and now you’ll wait again. The specialist has no idea how badly their gift was needed and what good those gifts would have done. They also don’t realize how whole they would have felt again by using their gift.

I’m addressing the “specialists” today A.K.A- . 𝒴𝒪𝒰 & 𝑀𝐸

We all have gifts that we are supposed to share with each other and even when it’s not clear 𝓌𝒽𝑜 we’re helping, I promise that we are in ways we may never fully know. It would be an incredible shame if we decided to stop showing up with those gifts because using them not only helps others but will fill our tank too.

Walk into your day today knowing that someone needs you and something far bigger than us is planning that divine connection.

So if you are second guessing your gifts or feeling insecure just remember that we need you. All of you. If you are having trouble identifying your gifts then I’m your girl - DM me and let’s get the discovery process going but remember that to someone else you have the cure, the opportunity, the permission, the expertises. You have a gift and someone needs you today and you need them too.

Sending you love and light today

Be well and let those gifts shine 💫


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