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Who’s In Charge Here?

For those of us (notice I said US because yoooo....I need this lesson too) who sometimes forget

  1. How far we’ve come

  2. How much work we’ve done

  3. It’s not our time, it’s God’s time

  4. Growth takes time after the seeds are planted 🌱

  5. There will be obstacles

  6. Sometimes it takes a long long time but it’s so so worth it

  7. To never ever give up

See exhibit A.

Twelve years ago. TWELVE. A dozen years. Over a decade. XII.

You guys....It took me twelve years from the time I decided to write a book to the time that I was able to hand it to you....

The crazy part is had I written the book then, so much of my journey would have been missing from it because it wouldn’t have happened yet...leading me yet again to put all of my faith into the Universe and God and his timing.

Silly us to ever think that we know what’s best when it comes to things like this. We must display patience and trust and never quit listening for the lessons.

Pay attention and start finding the story in each and every experience you have...and when it’s the right time, it will all come together faster than you can imagine until one day your scrolling through your social media memories while working on a virtual book tour idea, and you’ll stumble across the beginning of the journey. You’ll be feasting on your fresh baked bread when you suddenly see the sheaves of grain and all of the years of hard work will come flooding back and you’ll remember how beautiful life can an “Ah-ha” moment of “so THAT is what all of those experiences were for”

So, promise me these things.... you will re-read 1-7 and think of this post every time you feel like you’re not making progress. You’ll remember that when someone has a win, they have years of loss, hard work and plenty of lessons behind it and you’ll remember to be patient and trust the journey.

I always said that if I ever have the opportunity to accept a music award I would be crawling up the stage stairs, ragged and worn in torn up clothes...kind of like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.... hidden behind a fancy dress and an blow out of course ;) You catch my drift.

Be well- keep going- don’t compare your progress and show yourself some love today



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