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Yes you can

Last night I was listening to a conversation between world renowned American chef & restaurateur Thomas Keller and television writer & producer Philip Rosenthal. They were discussing Thomas Keller’s heart behind opening his restaurant, Ad Hoc in Napa valley (which literally means for this purpose)and talking about how there was a need for a comfortable place for the community and families to dine. Especially those families of the chefs that run The French Laundry, Thomas’s three star Michelin restaurant. When Thomas explained to Phil the idea behind Ad Hoc, Phil matter of factly & easily replied “Oh yes, if you want something - make it” As if he were saying “duh... that’s what we incredibly super successful entrepreneurs do“ No questions asked. No wondering if it’s a stupid idea. No worries that it might not work. Just simply “If you want it- make it”.

This got me really exited and I could feel the energy buzzing inside of me. Why? Because it takes all of the complicated out of “how to make an abundant life for yourself that you’re over the top in love with” and simplifies it down to a one liner that packs more punch than one of Thomas’s tasting menus.

Do you see how simple this can be? Find something you want- and make it. Don’t get caught up in the “why you can’t” and get caught up in the “how you can”

Nothing great ever came from second guessing. Nothing great ever comes from luke warm maybes. If you want something great you have to go all in. Your why is your want. Keep going back to it. If you want something- make it happen. Build it, create it, dream it up and take actionable steps towards your goal. Plan it, envision it, love it. Sink yourself in the waters of it and swim like hell. Name it, water it, nurture it, fall for it. All before it’s even here. There is nothing like creating something out of nothing that is wonderful and serves yourself and others.


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