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​Where do I even begin to thank you, your friendship, encouragement and faith in my ability to be the best me there is has helped give me the confidence to write my story.  Oh my goodness, I just typed that out loud!  And write my story I did.  For well over twenty years I have considered writing my story, sharing my journey in the effort to help other woman know they are not alone in their experiences and with your positive affirmations with me I have been able to make my dream come true.  

​More than that, I knew I could reach out to you and say ok, if I write my story then how the heck do I know it is good enough to publish and how do I publish and what does it cost and what is the time frame and, on and on and on.  Thank God for you putting the brakes on for me and calming me down to set a pace.  I easily could have talked myself out of the entire experience as I was getting overwhelmed at what I made sound complex, when in reality I needed to take the business agile approach and break my goal into obtainable deliverables.


 I had no idea there were this many steps involved and thank goodness you have been there to help me understand it and to share your amazing network of resources with me.

​I am a career woman, an accomplished woman, but that doesn’t matter because we all have something we allow ourselves to be intimidated by.  I think it is a hormone we woman are born with (ha). It takes a self-confident, genuine and authentic woman to shine her strengths onto others, and that my friend is you.  In this lifetime, for me, there is nothing more important as being authentic and true to yourself, you Jonelle are as purely authentic as God could ever have dreamt to create. 

​From the depth of my soul thank you for your friendship, your inspiration, your encouragement and support. My soon to be readers and I thank you for helping me bring my dream to life through the written words of my own story.

Love you girl,



If you have a great idea for a business, (or even a vague idea that you should be doing something), Jonelle Carter’s business and life coaching is a sure-fire way to get you where you want to be. Honestly, I have never met anyone with more ideas, ambition, and energy than Jonelle. I had this vague notion that people are offering styling services for the rich and famous, but what about everyday people? We want to look and feel good too! Jonelle helped me nail down a plan, and she showed me how to implement it.  It was so easy for me to take the steps she outlined for me, and she was always there to help and encourage me along the way.  I texted her when I was struggling with something on my website.  Five minutes later, she had made me a video showing me exactly how to fix my issue.  Starting a business is scary, but Jonelle made me believe I could do it.  We had many meetings over coffee, wine, charcuterie, and flatbreads, but if you don’t live in her area, you can go the virtual (less caloric) route and get the same results. Send her an email at and just tell her about the ideas that have been rolling around in your head.  I promise you, she’ll help you implement these ideas, and give you a million more.


-Diana Watters

The Curated Closet

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