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Faith, Passion & Pep Talks

“How do you keep up with your crazy schedule?”

Faith, passion and pep talks.

My trifecta. My big 3. My trio. The triplets.

I am an emotional gal. I’m not ashamed of that. I got teary eyed telling a bride who I’ve only met twice how beautiful she was at our show on Sat & I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m nuts. She may be right...but right or wrong, I just feel things extra. Especially during the last few months.

What is essential for me to handle being emotional AND and introverted extrovert (trust me, it’s a thing) is to keep myself grounded by faith, passion and pep talks.

Our schedule this past week was insane in the brain (shout out to Cypress Hill). It’s been a long time since we’ve played so many shows in a row (5 for T and 3 for me) and about this time my tank was on E.

Faith, passion and pep talks.

Having faith that you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and showing up for it 💯 is a huge component in pushing through when you don’t think you can. Remind yourself that you’re meant to be in whatever space you’re in and that helps, surprisingly, quite a bit.

Passion-remember why you showed up in the first place. Feel the whirlwind around you and embrace the busy. It means you’re working IN your purpose!

Pep talks- Sometimes I give myself a pep talk and sometimes when my tank is completely empty (see exhibit A. above) Terry takes over and walks me through it... or a friend...or my Mom..and sometimes even Marley (she’s a natural motivational speaker if anyone needs a little boost from a 13 year old’s perspective) This is also where I show up for YOU! I can’t give you faith and passion- you have to find that- but I can give you support and love and encouragement to be the best bad ass you that you can be.

Overcoming whatever obstacles are in your way takes a tool box and I hope you’re able to add faith, passion and pep talks as one of your #1 go to.

Much love to you on this Monday! You’ve got this.... use the trifecta- it will be your superpower 🦹‍♀️


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