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You Are Not Invisible

You are not invisible. Your story, your life, your purpose? It all matters.

I have felt invisible and truth be told, there are days when I still feel like that. Isn’t that funny? I make my living on stages under bright lights and yet, sometimes I still feel invisible 👻

When we feel invisible it screws with our worth. When we don’t feel worthy it leads to so many other emotions. It’s an ugly cycle that we need to try and break. You are worthy and oh my gosh, I need you!! So please know that you’re not alone and it’s not “weird” to feel that way and I need you to know that I see you. I see your strength and your fight, I see your faith and your courage. I see your comebacks. I see your rise. I see your hard days and I see your celebrations. You are not invisible. You are amazing and inspiring others. You matter. Your presence is needed.

We aren’t a working wheel without all of the spokes.

I see you. I will always see you.

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